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La charte

A lire avant de s'inscrire

The purpose of the present terms is to set the general conditions of use of the services proposed to the members of KOOIZ. KOOIZ ensures the technical installation of the services but is not responsible for their contents and their use.

1. Become a Kooiz member.
Any person becomes a member when they open an account on Kooiz. The opening of an account on KOOIZ implies that the future member has taken note of and accepted the present conditions of use of the services.

2. Password and security
Password is personal and confidential. KOOIZ cannot be responsible if the password is lost. No site being protected at 100% on the Internet, KOOIZ could not, in the event of malfunctionning of its services, but guaranty to make every effort to find a solution to the possible problems.

3. Agree the terms of service
Only the people having correctly filled the form with request for membership, having a valid e-mail address, and having granted the present terms can become a member of KOOIZ. KOOIZ keeps this request, which consists of the date of signature of the contract between KOOIZ and the Member

4. Kooiz services
Members avoid "reselling" or placing at the disposal of an outsider and/or another Member, subject to payment and/or for free, the services of KOOIZ.

5. Members stats
KOOIZ saves a database which contains all the informations about his member. KOOIZ will be able to supply and use these statistics. The Member grants the constitution of this database.

6. Quiz creation
KOOIZ is not responsible for the contents of the quiz made by his members. At any time , Kooiz will be able to remove a quiz or a member's account.

7. Personnal quizzes
KOOIZ allows the creation of quizzes in a personal field with subjective answers (quizzes about you or your friends, various tests which don't have a direct link with general knowlege) This kind of quiz must imperatively appear in the category "personal tests". If not, the quiz will be removed.

8. Include a quiz in a website
Every member can include his quiz on his website. KOOIZ is not responsible for the content of the members' websites. If the members' website seems to be incorrect, KOOIZ will remove the member's account. KOOIZ is free to show advertisings for the quizzes which are included in some websites.

9. Quiz owner
The Member (who has made the quiz) and KOOIZ are the owners of the quiz made. KOOIZ will trust the name and the first name of the member to justify membership of a quiz in the event of problems. Hence the importance for the member, when signing in, to enter his name and his first name. If those datas are empty, it will be up to the member to prove that the quiz that he has made really belongs to him. KOOIZ is free to use and spread as it wants its members' quizzes.

10. Contract Duration
This contract is valid as soon as the user has accepted the terms and become a Kooiz member for an unspecified duration. However KOOIZ can end this contract when it wants. If a member wants to end this contract, he must send a mail to KOOIZ who will then remove the account and all the information about the member.

11. Others
KOOIZ can edit the present terms of service as it wants. However, KOOIZ will mail all the members to inform them about the modifications of the terms.